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First appearance "Beware My Power (Part 2)"
Voice Grey DeLisle
General Information
Full name
Sector Frontier Space (formerly)
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color
Eye Color Yellow
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies Shyir Rev
Hal Jordan
Powers and abilities

Biara is the wife of Shyir Rev.


At some point, Biara married Shyir Rev. In the two's marriage, she bore a child with him and was well aware of his career as a Green Lantern.

On a particular day of her husband's career, he returned to Colony 12 with two Green Lanterns by the names of Hal Jordan and Kilowog. Biara talked to them and was alerted of an upcoming Red Lantern attack on the planet. Though her husband fought hard, he was unable to stop the planet's destruction and was ultimately killed in the blast. Fortunately, his holding off of the Liberator was able to buy enough time for Kilowog to get Biara off of Colony 12, along with the other inhabitants of the planet.

As she was dropped off by Hal and Kilowog, she told the two their new planet would be named after her husband.



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