A group of Goblins.

Goblins are a race of small ferocious beings.

History Edit

The Goblins reside on a planet where the atmosphere consists mostly of methane, but they live in a dome-shaped citadel where they are protected from the world's atmosphere.

One day, the Goblins were visited by Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Razer whom searched for settlement to protect them from the atmosphere as their rings ran out of energy, however they identified them as hostile and tried to kill them. Some time later, they invaded the citadel by getting a ride on one of their vehicles, However the Goblins quicky discovered them and eventually caught them. They put the Green Lanterns and Razer for a gladiator match against a large beast, identified by them as "Mother". They were surprised that the Green Lanterns and Razer won when the Green Lanterns recharged their rings. As they stood victorious, several Goblins wept tears for the monster, after they knocked it unconscious.[1]

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