Hand of creation

The Hand of Creation

The Hand of Creation was the driving force of the Big Bang which created the universe.


The Hand of Creation is the creator of the Universe holding the Big Bang within its palm that had appeared within the void, the emptiness before the Big Bang occured, showing that an incredibly powerful outside force was involved in the universe's creation. It holds a spiral galaxy composed of the energy and radiates the only light within the darkness which would eventually become the very colors of the emotional spectrum. From these lights the Guardians of the Universe will harness the light of Willpower (Green) and form the Green Lantern Corp, Red Lanterns would gain the light of Rage (Red), Zamarons/Star Sapphires gaining the light of Love (Pink), Blue Lanterns gaining the light of Hope (Blue) and the Orange Lanterns gaining the light of Greed (Orange). 

During the search to exterminate all life in the Universe, the AI known as Aya in control of the Anti-Monitor's body traveled to just before the Big Bang. She used her powers to remove key elements that would eventually be the factor for all life to evolve in the Universe, either not knowing or caring that such an action could cause a universal paradox and eliminating her and any sentient created machine in the Universe as well. But luckily for all life and machines in the Universe, Aya was convinced to undo the amount of damage she had caused to the Universe while the Hand of Creation was nearly finished crushing the energy before she, Hal Jordan and Razer escaped in time to keep themselves from being destroyed by the energy.


The Hand of Creation has not shown any powers but its power would be immense allowing it to crush and compress the primordial power of the Big Bang before it opened allowing the energies of creation to explode forth sending bright and powerful shockwaves to scatter throughtout the void to form the universe.

Trivia Edit

  • The Hand of Creation is similar to the one shown in a Justice League episode, which, coincidentally, contains the only appearance of Hal Jordan.

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