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First appearance Heir Apparent
Voice Tara Strong
General Information
Full name
Alias Princess Iolande
Green Lantern
Species Betrassusian
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Magenta
Eye Color Appear Black
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Enemies Red Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities Will
Equipment Green Lantern Power Ring
Image gallery (6)

Iolande is the young newly-crowned queen of Betrassus. Though she becomes a full-fledged Green Lantern, Iolande turns down Hal Jordan's offer to travel with his crew, stating that protecting her homeworld is her first highest priority.

History Edit

When the Interceptor arrived on Betrassus and Hal Jordan and Kilowog go to the palace, the newly-crowned Iolande welcomed them as friends. Her brother, Prince Ragnar, was eager to meet with the legendary Green Lantern Corps, and explained that their Green Lantern is ready to aid them against the Red Lanterns. Iolande knew of the Red Lanterns, who had attacked their outlying colonies, and the warrior Kothak spoke up to insist that they needed a strong ruler, and that the queen should marry him so that he can command as king. Ragnar explained that by tradition, the greatest warrior may challenge to claim the hand of an unwed queen. He then stepped forward and asked if anyone will accept Kothak's challenge. Dulok arrived and said that he'd take the challenge.

The next day, when Dulok didn't arrive for the challenge, Kothak accused Dulac of cowardliness. Hal and Kilowog didn't believe it, and Hal stepped up to accept Kothak's challenge and fight for Iolande's hand. Kothak refused, saying that Hal was an outsider, but Iolande agreed.

In the arena, Hal practiced with the jet skimmers that were used in the battle. Iolande offered her help and he refused at first, until he realized that the skimmers were trickier than he thought.

Hal and Iolande flew out of the arena and over the city. Hal's skimmer engine suddenly started smoking and the vehicle crashed onto a skywalk. Hal's ring protected him, much to Iolande's relief, and she suggested that he back out of the challenge for his own safety. Hal assured her that he could protect himself and Iolande worried that she didn't have what it took to be queen. The Green Lantern assured her that she had everything that she needed and so much more, and says that he was a good judge of character.

When Kilowog started choking during the match and collapsed, dead, Iolande ran to his side and realized that he had been poisoned.

Kilowog's ring removed itself from its finger and flew into the air. It hovered briefly before Iolande and then Kothak, and finally settled itself on Ragnar's finger. The prince boasted that he had previously killed Dulok so that his power ring would come to him. However, when that didn't work, he killed Kilowog to obtain his power ring. Hal and the others refused to bow to him and Ragnar prepared to blast them, only to watch in shock as the power ring disappeared. Hal punched him and Kilowog stood up, revealing that he faked drinking the poisoned ale and used his ring to create a fake construct to give to Ragnar and trick him into betraying himself. A desperate Ragnar grabbed Iolande and used her as a hostage to make his escape while his bribed soldiers attacked Hal, Kilowog, and Kothak. When Ragnar tried to use Iolande as a hostage again, Hal told the queen to put on Dulok's power ring. She removed it from a brooch, donned it, and blasted Ragnar to the ground. When he tried to stab her, she easily repelled him and he was forced to beg for mercy.

Later, Iolande had her soldiers take Ragnar away to prison and thanked the Green Lanterns for their help. Kothak kneeled before her, he said that she was a great and powerful leader and worthy of his loyalty. Everyone else present bowed as well. Hal then talked to the new Green Lantern and explained that Ragnar slipped up when he said there were only two Green Lanterns on the planet when everyone believed that Dulac was still alive. He was confident that Dulpk's power ring went to Iolande as the most worthy candidate in the sector. Iolande admitted that she would have liked to participate in the fight against the Red Lanterns, but her duties as queen came first. She kissed Hal goodbye and then flew off to rule her people.

Siege of Betrassus Edit

After becoming a Green Lantern, Iolande spent her days watching over her planet. She had been giving her brother food while he was in prison. Ragnar did not understand why she would spend her time feeding him. Her reason for doing this was because he was still her brother and she was not going to abandon him.

She left him with those parting words before he was chosen by Atrocitus to become a Red Lantern. When he attacked her, Iolande knew she could not defeat him alone, so she enlisted the help of any Green Lantern in the area.

Hal Jordan, Kilowog, Razer and Aya picked up her message and came to her planet to aid her. When they arrived on the planet, Iolande was not able to initially help them, due to being locked away. She was separated from her ring as well. She was saved by Hal and Kilowog. Upon being freed, she apologized for involving them in her fight with her brother. She helped Hal and Kilowog fight the Red Lanterns. She fought her brother, before all of the Red Lanterns gained an upper hand on them.

When all seemed lost, Guardian of Oa Ganthet activated the Blue Lantern power of hope in the Interceptor and increased the power of all three of the Green Lanterns. She and the two easily defeated Ragnar.

She, Hal and Kilowog stopped a bomb from blowing up on her planet and saved it. She thanked Hal and Kilowog before returning to her place on the throne.

Physical appearance Edit

Iolande is a Betrassusian female with a slender body, she has slightly pale purple skin with purple hair and black eyes with various purple markings around her cheek and eyebrows, dark purple lips and wears a silver (green when she is in her Green Lantern form) tiara. She wears a sliver dress, along with a sliver necklaces and sliver shoulder pads. When she is in her Green Lantern form, her dress turns into the formal Green Lantern costume with her's including a fairly small Green Lantern symbol, black legs and green and black high heels.

Personality and traits Edit

Iolande was compassionate, sweet and caring. She had a deep sense of dedication and loyalty to the inhabitants of her planet. Along with her self doubt, however, Iolande proved to be a worthy leader. Earning high praise from Kothak and many other military officers. She offered forgiveness to her enemies, providing her brother food and shelter after his treacherous betrayal.[1]

Though her compassion proved to be one of her failures. Deeply remorseful and responsible, apologizing to Kilowog and Hal for bring them into her internal affairs.


Despite being a new Green Lantern, she has quickly learned how to use her new powers to their fullest potential.

Equipment Edit

Relationships Edit

Love interest Edit

Hal Jordan Edit

"Iolande? Your name sounds like a waterfall"
Hal Jordan introduces him to Iolande with flattery in "Heir Apparent".

Heir Apparent

Iolande meets Hal Jordan.

Iolande held an evident affection towards Hal Jordan. When Jordan first arrived on Betrassus, Hal charmed the young queen with a few words of flattery and a kiss on the hand. Iolande displayed affection for him as well, surprised and impressed when Hal promptly decided to fight for her hand in marriage against Kothak and when being jokingly playful when training him to use the hoverbikes. The two talked later that day while she continued to train him to use the hoverbikes. She came under uncertainty as to whether her royal throne was worth the sacrifice Jordan had made to fight for it. Hal reassured her that she was worthy and so much more, referencing to his reasoning as being a "good judge of character". This caused her to smile at his words of kindness.

Though clearly affectionate towards the Green Lantern, Iolande could not leave Betrassus with him to fight the Red Lantern war as her priories was to her planet first, but not before she and him shared a kiss.[1]

Appearances Edit

Background information Edit

In the comics, Iolande killed her brother immediately after she became a Green Lantern. As opposed to her purple hair in the series, she has black in the comics.

References Edit

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