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First appearance "Heir Apparent"
Voice John DiMaggio
General Information
Full name
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color Black
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Allies Iolande, Hal Jordan
Enemies Ragnar, Red Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities

Kothak is a warrior of Betrassus.

History Edit

Over time, Kothak developed his fighting skills and became known on Betrassus. He wanted to rule the planet, causing him to try and win the hand of Iolande through challenges she would be forced to accept. One of his challenges was accepted by a Green Lantern by the name of Dulok. Kothak was fully prepared to take him on, proclaiming their duel would take place the next day. Later that night, he came to Dulok and a few of his allies. He proclaimed that any warrior could look powerful wearing the most powerful weapon in the galaxy and reminded Dulok that in the competition, they were to be equally armed. The time came and Dulok was absent. Upon realization that the Green Lantern would not be arriving, he called Dulok a coward and scrutinized his name repeatedly.

Another Green Lantern by the name of Hal Jordan, didn't like Kothak's insults of Dulok and acted as a stand-in for Dulok. Kothak didn't like Jordan's intrusion into the match and shortly after his announcement of entry, complained to Iolande about him. During his rant, he asked her if Jordan understood that the battle would have to be fought without his Green Lantern Power Ring. Jordan walked up to him and asked him if he was ready to be defeated.

During Hal Jordan's training for their upcoming match, Kothak interfered and caused Jordan to tumble to the ground. He called him weak and continued to harbor his superiority over Jordan, as he proclaimed an easy victory would befall him the next day.

On the day of their challenge, he was the first of the two to make their opening statements to Iolande. Though he tried to convince her of his supposed good intentions, she was utterly disgusted by his words and much more pleased by Hal's. Kothak and Hal dueled and quickly resulted in a regular battle after their vehicles were destroyed. Kothak's battle with Hal ended when Kilowog was pronounced dead in the audience, after drinking a poison made by Ragnar. Kothak did not like the interruption and demanded his opponent return to the battle field. After his demand, Ragnar proclaimed that the contest no longer mattered as he had become a Green Lantern...

Physical appearance Edit

Kothak has purple skin, and is bald. He has black eyes and wears an gold like armor.

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