The Lighthouse is a space station that stands between the Guardian Space and the Forgotten Zone located in the Maelstrom.


The Lighthouse is a privatized penitentiary. Myglom acts as its warden on behalf of the Guild. It is said no one has ever escaped and every criminal graduates from its rehabilitation program and never resorts to crime again. The prison is powered and lit by Yellow Minerals. However, in truth, the prisoners are subjected to their worst memories then devoured by the Spider Guild. After 12 years, Goggan managed to escape the prison and stowed away on the Interceptor. After Hal Jordan, Kilowog, and Razer defeated the Guild, the Guardians of the Universe dispatched a replacement warden. In the 18 month gap, Jordan appointed Goggan to serve as a temporary warden.

Hal Jordan's group returned to the prison in search of Tahvaarus and the code for the Lighthouse. Their search led to Level H, Sublevel 6D into a prison cell occupied by Thanagarian outlaws and pirates. The Red Lantern Corps soon arrived also in search of the code. Jordan managed to outsmart them and tricked them into leaving the prison to chase after the Thanagarians.

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