The Lizardriders are a band of raiders that ride on lizard-like horses.


At one point in time, the Lizardriders drove the Hammer Tribe out of the their fortress. Mt'Athias and his best soldiers sought to take it back what was rightfully their's, only to be defeated by the riders and later imprisoned inside the fortress.

Over a year later, Hal Jordan defeated two of them, whom were chasing Mk'Abee to get back the scroll she had stolen. The scroll announced the Lizardriders' celebration of their take-over and the prisoners' and the supporters' trial in eight days.

As the eight days went by, the Lizardriders were shocked by the surprise attack of Hal Jordan and the Hammer Tribe who flew over the fortress with their newly-made flight gear. The prisoners revolted and opened the gate for the remaining tribe members, the Lizardriders were then defeated.[1]

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