Cleric Loran
Cleric Loran
First appearance "Reckoning"
Voice Corey Burton
General Information
Full name
Sector Forgotten Zone
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Red Lantern Corps
Enemies Guardians of the Universe, Green Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities

Cleric Loran is a cleric within the Red Lantern Corps who lives on Shard. Within its halls, he resided within a church that was dedicated to the spreading of Atrocitus's mission of getting righteous vengeance against the Guardians of the Universe. He was known to quote the history of the Red Lantern Corps from the Book of Rage in a reverent, scriptural way.

History Edit

Loran shows Hal the creation of the Red Lanterns

Loran explains to a disguised Hal Jordan how the Red Lantern Corps came about.

When the three members of the Interceptor crew staged rescue to retrieve Razer on Shard, the cleric had been present within the church aboard the vessel. Whilst onboard, Hal and Kilowog rendered two Red Lantern soldiers unconscious whereupon Jordan disguised himself within their armor. While struggling to fit the armor, two caught the attention of the cleric. Hal wore the armor to distract the cleric, buying time for Kilowog to dawn the armor. Once in the presence of the cleric, he asked Loran to explain the dazzling stain glass windows in the chapel to which the Cleric happily obliged.

He explained that the stain glass windows represented the planet Ysmault, though he remained unsure if it was Ysmault or another planet within the Forgotten Zone. He went on and elaborated that the Guardians of the Universe demanded that the citizens of Ysmault worship them. Though when they refused, the Manhunters were deployed to kill the worlds inhabitants, which then Atrocitus created the Red Lantern Corps. The sermon was interrupted when Kilowog was captured by Red Lantern guards.[1]

After the announcement of the peace treaty between the Guardians and the Red Lantern Corps, Loran returned to the Red Lantern home planet—Ysmault to bear witness to reconstruction of the ravaged planet.[2]

Personality and traits Edit

Loran is a loyal follower of Atrocitus. Humbly giving him praise within the church on Shard. Though he was also a short-tempered man. He detested anyone who interfered with his worship of his master. His devotion to his studies and despise of being interrupted was first revealed when two Red Lantern soldiers burst into the chapel searching for Hal Jordan and Kilowog, the priest viciously berates them for their "disrespect." He also bristled at being referred to as "Sir".[1]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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