First appearance "Beware My Power (Part 1)"
Voice Brian George
General Information
Full name M'Ten
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Green Lantern Corps
Enemies Red Lantern Corps
Powers and abilities

M'Ten was a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He was stationed upon the Frontier Space, the edge of Guardian Space. After receiving a distress signal from a crashed ship, M'Ten was ambushed by two Red Lanterns, Razer and Zilius Zox, and killed.[1]

History Edit

M'Ten came across a ship that had sent out a distress signal arriving in time in hopes rescuing a survivor. Once he located the wrecked ship and proceeded to free the individual, M'Ten was then assaulted by two red figures who bore similar powers to the Green Lantern. Engaging in a fierce fight, M'Ten was outmatched and then killed by his attackers. After he died, his ring then returned back to Oa.[1]

Equipment Edit

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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