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First appearance "Lost Planet"
Voice Kevin Michael Richardson
General Information
Full name
Species Sentient planet
Physical description
Hair color
Eye Color
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Affiliations Green Lantern Corps
Allies Hal Jordan, Saint Walker
Enemies General Zartok, Drusa, Grood
Powers and abilities

Mogo is a sentient planet and a member of the Green Lantern Corps.

History Edit

Mogo is a sentient male planet living in Frontier Space. For countless millennia, Mogo trapped evildoers on his surface until they reformed or didn't, including crews of Vrashay pirate ships, warships of the Cardonian Horde, space clippers of the Tarkoni Marauders, and Arrkaddy Slavers from Mir. Due to some form of awareness, Mogo knows what happens anywhere on his person and can change surface conditions, such as part several trees or alter mountain ranges. At some point, a non-evildoer named Saint Walker began to reside on Mogo. In the present, Shyir Rev's power ring chose Mogo as his successor. Walker came into possession of the ring.

Lost Planet Edit

An asteroid threatened to destroy Mogo. Luckily, Hal Jordan's group happened to trace Rev's ring and stalled the asteroid's impact to six hours. Mogo spared Jordan's life, saved Kilowog, captured Grood, and then safely disabled the stolen Interceptor. Jordan eventually realized the ring chose the planet, created a pit, then tossed the ring inside. Mogo took possession of the ring and destroyed the asteroid. Mogo thanked Jordan, took pride in being chosen, and pledged his aid whenever it was needed. After Saint Walker spoke of a dream to come to Mogo to find a savior to defeat the Red Lanterns, Mogo instructed him to climb a steep summit and to not take a path of vengeance. While Walker climbed, Mogo briefly engagged Atrocitus' ship but failed to stop him.[1]

Homecoming Edit

Once Saint Walker became the first Blue Lantern, he and Mogo flew to the Maelstrom and aided Kilowog in repelling the Red Lantern armada. Mogo neutralized several warships but even he was not enough to damage Shard. Going on a hunch, Kilowog tossed Saint Walker in front of Mogo's beam. The beam was supercharged and crippled the armada in one blast.[2]

Abilities Edit

  • Planetary lordship: Mogo is a living planet who can control its terrain. Mogo has used it to split the trees to form a path and rised mountains to stop the escape of the castaways.[1]

Equipment Edit

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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