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Monster Arena
General Information


Release date

August 15, 2012

Story by

Art Baltazar and Franco

Art by

Dario Brizuela

Color by

Gabe Eltaed

Lettering by

Saida Temofonte




Green Lantern: TAS #4


Green Lantern: TAS #6

Monster Arena is the fifth issue of the official Green Lantern: The Animated Series spin-off comic series. It was released on August 15, 2012.

Solicitation Edit

  • HAL JORDAN and company fight in the MONSTER ARENA!
  • Can Malvir become a RED LANTERN by capturing Hal Jordan?
  • Aya and Hal cook up a plan to end Malvir’s tyranny!

Tagline: Trouble in the Monster Arena!

Sypnosis Edit

Hal Jordan awakens in the middle of a battle arena and finds himself attacked by a giant monster. He evades his attacks and finds Kilowog, Razer, and Aya, who are also unconcious and don't know what is going on.

After Hal defeats the monster, they are greeted by Malvir. Malvir states that the Lanterns have no choice but to fight in his arena. The entire stadium is protected with a force field. He then teleports many more monsters to confront them.

As the Lanterns fights the monsters, Aya detects massive amounts of energy that orginate from Malvir's sceptor. She informs Hal that the two generators behind Malvir power his sceptor, teleport monsters, and power the force field. She also detects the same energy on the huge crowd in the stadium.

After Hal orders Aya to carry out his plan, she appeared to get destroyed in the ensuing battle. The Lanterns stop fighting and instead fly over to Malvir. Razer then destroyed his sceptor as Hal and Kilowog destroy the generators, allowing the crowd and monsters to teleport away.

Outraged, Malvir pulls out a gun and shoots several blasts before Aya appears and destroys it. Hal creates a giant timer construct and asks Aya whether she installed the explosives, to which she says yes. Malvir then angrily teleports away.

Kilowog says that Hal is lucky because Malvir believed him; Hal says he wasn't joking. The arena then blows up as the Lanterns fly toward the sky.

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Characters Edit

Hal Jordan

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Goofs Edit

  • When the Lanterns are running away from the first wave of monsters, Aya and Razer switch places between panels.

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