First appearance "Prisoner of Sinestro"
General Information
Full name
Alias Mind jumper
Physical description
Gender Male
Hair color
Eye Color Pink
Relationships & Powers and Abilities
Enemies Sinestro, Spider Guild, Hal Jordan, Razer, Kilowog, Aya
Powers and abilities Mind jump

Neuroxis is an alien creature and was one of the most wanted assassins in the universe.

History Edit

Neuroxis was a captive of the Spider Guild, until he was stolen by Sinestro. He mind jumped to the Spider Guild captain, and self-destructed the Spider Guild frigate. As he returned to his body, he was locked up in the sciencell inside the Interceptor. During the time on board the Interceptor he used the others, except Aya, to kill them and causing a paranoia around them.

While Neuroxis controlled Razer, Sinestro approached him and the Green Lanterns, where he explained that he depressurized the oxygen from the Interceptor to let Neuroxis jump back to his body inside the sciencell, the only place where there was oxygen, since Neuroxis couldn't protect himself due to the inability to use the Red Power Ring. Before he suffocated to death from the lack of oxygen he returned to his body, however he discovered that he was still suffocating. He was approached by Sinestro, who explained that the hull was open after his escape. Deprived from oxygen, Neuroxis slowly died.[1]

Abilities Edit

Neuroxis has the ability to take over someone else's body at will, also making the victim forget what happened during the time that Neuroxis controls them. With this ability it is able to assassinate a person, with it achieving the status as one of the most wanted assassins in the universe.[1]

Weaknesses Edit

However if Neuroxis is in a state of shock, it is unable to concentrate to mind jump. Neuroxis also can't mind jump to machines.[1]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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