Odym worm

The Odym worm.

The Odym worm is a giant-worm like creature with the mentality of a domesticated dog that resides on planet Odym.

History Edit

The worm spent the majority of its time burrowing underground, creating a network of tunnels and caverns on Odym. Thus, despite its large and imposing visage, it's quite benign. Saint Walker befriended the worm and even played fetch with it using a simple sphere construct.

When three Manhunters were about to leave Odym with the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery, Razer had Saint Walker call the worm with a play on his lute to let the worm erupt from the ground and swallow the battery whole along with half of a Manhunter. As a result, the Manhunters, Green Lanterns, and Aya lost their amplified power output.[1]

Appearances Edit

References Edit

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