Orange Lantern Battery

The Orange Lantern Battery is a battery for the Orange Lantern Corps.

History Edit

The Orange Power Battery was forged ages ago by a race of conquerors obsessed with possession of the galaxy. It housed the powerful Orange Light of Avarice. The battery exerted such a strong influence that only those with a strong sense of duty were chosen to wield the Orange Lantern Power Rings. Eventually, the Orange Lantern Corps vanished and Larfleeze took the Orange Power Battery as his. During the Aya-Monitor incident, Hal Jordan sought to borrow the battery to use against Aya but he fell under its influence and stole it. Jordan eventually lost control and was transformed by the battery into an Orange Lantern.
Hal Jordan Orange Lantern

Hal Jordan overcome by the orange battery

Kilowog and Razer made a deal with Larfleeze to get him the battery back. Jordan was able to overcome the influence and gave the battery back to Larfleeze.

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