Star Sapphire Power Ring

A Star Sapphire Power Ring is a ring used by The Star Sapphires. It harnesses the violet energy of love.


The power rings of the Star Sapphire Corps are powered by the love's violet light. Like the Red Power Ring, it can affect its wearer's emotional state. The Star Sapphire Rings have the unique abilities to summon its user's one true love and to crystallize others with love and place them in a state of suspended animation. The only recruit to have had the power to reject a ring was Carol Ferris.

Design Edit

The rings bears the simplistic design of many power rings. The ring is colored volition, the traditional color of it's respective lantern corps. The ring's surface is styled with the insignia of the Star Sapphires.[1]


Able to do what a normal power ring dose.


If person  breaks up ( member of star sapphire corps) Will lose there ring.

Known usersEdit

References Edit

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