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    Okay, so per a blog on the Young Justice Wiki, we have two months to save Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Given the simple instructions we are given; "Watch and support the shows", I think we can pull this off. Apparently, a CN directors stated that if we want to save the shows, they'll need a ton of more views. This is where we come in. Please tell your friends to watch the show, your cousins, and so on and so forth. And not only watch the show, please purchase the first 13 episode dvd. Green Lantern: The Animated Series – Rise of the Red Lanterns: Season 1, Part 1. I'll be adding links to where you can purchase them on the page.

    Also, even if you don't like them, purchasing the comic book tie-ins would also help a bi…

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    Here I am, a day before the debut, hyping up "Prisoner of Sinestro". This new video preview will surely make you excited. Also, remember, no page creations or updates, until the episode airs.

    • More Razaya moments. This one is just downright awkward. ._.
    • Spider-Guild stuff.

    UPDATE: Thanks GB for the other video. View the second preview here.

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    Once, again we are short handed. The official rule now will be that information to an article must be added after an episodes airs. Not during. Along with that, if you are going to add new information about the episode to an certain article, don't bother unless you are going to add information to ALL the characters and elements in the episodes. For explain, no one even bothered to update Ganthet's page, but Saint Walker's page was. No, just no. This is disorganized and sloppy and frankly getting on my nerves.

    As of now, anyone's contribution that has bad grammar will be removed or revised right away. No more adding uninformative information onto the pages. This wiki is very unappealing when half of our pages are badly written and sloppy. If…

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    a bad review, huh?]]

    Now that GLTAS is back, we can now use our review project. Every member the community is welcome to write a review of any episode of GLTAS. Each portal to a review is in the "Reception" section of an article.

    1. No foil language
    2. No plagiarism. This counts as copying and pasting a review from another website and dubbing it as your own personal work.
    3. A maximum of 3 images are allowed on your review. 3 AND THREE ONLY.

    Everything else is really up to you. How you handle the review, the layout is all up to you. If your review violates these guidelines, the comments on your review will be locked and the writer of the review will be issued a citation by an administrator. Upon receiving the citation, the reviewer will be…

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    New community forums

    December 29, 2012 by Regular Guy

    Just browse the recent activity and you'll see. I found out that the old forums were a bit problematic and limited the subject to only proposing new ideas. The new forums let you do so much more now. I have divided that new forums up into four forums. Green Lantern The Animated Series Wiki:Community Forum , Forum:Support requests , Forum:General discussion , and Forum:Community proposal .

    • Support request: This forum is for help with technical issues and MediaWiki software. If you see something out of place, need to know how to do something or having issues with features on the wiki go there.
    • General discussion: This forum is for discussing things related to GLTAS or DC Comics. Forums for discussions like: "Razer and Aya relationship specula…
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