Welcome the the brand new Green Lantern: The Animated Series Wiki. Just to brush up on a few questions you might have, like "why make another Green Lantern: TAS Wiki"?. Well, there is alot of answering behind this question and alot of explaining. So let me just say, thing didn't work out for me at the other wiki.

I have invested a great deal of effort into this new wiki, I hope you guys will to. This is the wikis early stage. On most new wikis, the work falls heavily on the founder and the first new users there. Though, so enough and hopefully, we can build up an incredible GLTAS database. Not only as a resource site, but as a fan site. Many things are being handled differently on this wiki. All the templates on this wiki are brand new (No YJ Wiki "borrowing"), we have new born policies and have most of all we have a generally great start to this wiki. I hope that by late December we can have most (if not all) of our standard information up and a growing community, awaiting the return of the DC Nation block.

I am VERY excited to work with many of you on this new project. A project that I hope can last for awhile. For generations of new users to come. Every user here is a valued member of the wiki. Past differences behind. All of you are important in this early stage of building this wiki.

We are in need of more content right now. Not all pages have to have full content on them right now. Though, your page should have a layout that matches the wikis standards. Please refer to the layout guide article for examples on how to man different page layouts. Also, most of the content from the old wiki needs to be transported here. Please take the time to do so. The pages will be updated later. Once again, thank you all for your help to the new wiki. Building a wiki takes a community not a single person. All of us should build off of each other, learn from each other for the betterment of the wiki. Thank you. :)

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