We all know what they are. We all know how they work. I'm am now initiating featured articles on this wiki. The featured article page can be reached by the top navbar under the heading "Interaction".

There you will see a list of old featured articles, along with three tabs. Featured Article, Featured articles nominations and Poll. Click the second one. Once there click nominate an article. Put please be mindful that the article has to meet the requirements first. If not, it just means the article needs to be expanded upon more. If the article does meet the requirements, go along with the process. Once you have clicked the button, you'll see an already made layout page for you to nominate a article. Do not alter anything, besides the "Month" and "Article's Name".

Once you have nominated an article wait and watch as the community decides on weather the article should be featured or not. And remember your reasoning for picking the article MUST be a valid point. "Because he is awesome and is my favorite character" is not acceptable. Have fun with these feature articles. I put alot of time into creating setting this up, a little payoff would go a long way for me.

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