Just browse the recent activity and you'll see. I found out that the old forums were a bit problematic and limited the subject to only proposing new ideas. The new forums let you do so much more now. I have divided that new forums up into four forums. Green Lantern The Animated Series Wiki:Community Forum (the main hub), Forum:Support requests (the technical help forum), Forum:General discussion (the general discussion forum), and Forum:Community proposal (proposing ideas forum).

  • Support request: This forum is for help with technical issues and MediaWiki software. If you see something out of place, need to know how to do something or having issues with features on the wiki go there.
  • General discussion: This forum is for discussing things related to GLTAS or DC Comics. Forums for discussions like: "Razer and Aya relationship speculation", "Man of Steel trailer 2 thoughts", or "Favorite moments from Batman: The Animated Series". Things like that. Though remember, that all things on this forum must be focused on DC Comics and the show.
  • Community proposal: This forum is for proposing new ideas and improvements to the wiki. For example if a page seems to be getting a bit long, propose to have sections of it moved to a subpage. If you have a proposal on a new design look for the wiki, the main page or the way we present our articles, propose it here.

I hope you all understand how this new system works. It's a crucial factor that our newly born community have interactions and good relations among one another. Anyone is welcome to use the new forums, there open for the community. (Wikia contributors don't count as community members though, so the forum is useless to them anyways)

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