Once, again we are short handed. The official rule now will be that information to an article must be added after an episodes airs. Not during. Along with that, if you are going to add new information about the episode to an certain article, don't bother unless you are going to add information to ALL the characters and elements in the episodes. For explain, no one even bothered to update Ganthet's page, but Saint Walker's page was. No, just no. This is disorganized and sloppy and frankly getting on my nerves.

As of now, anyone's contribution that has bad grammar will be removed or revised right away. No more adding uninformative information onto the pages. This wiki is very unappealing when half of our pages are badly written and sloppy. If you SEE and badly written article, rewritten it. It will only benefit the wiki's appeal. It's really annoying that I can't trust people to make good choices and edits. I would like to, but right now I'm "meh".

So onto the pages that need updating:

Once these pages are updated, I'll check them off the list.

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