Seeing as this was the first episode to debut after the wiki's reformat, I figured it was time for a review. The episode opened up to a fairly promising start, seeing Razer again was a delight. It's nice to see the Blue Lantern Corps slowly gaining more members with the inclusion of Brother Warth, though I feel he needed a bit more screen time.

My biggest problem from the episode stems from the fact that Aya somehow regained her robot body. It was established in Reboot, that her body was left behind for the a particular guardian of a certain universe to dissect. I expected this to be addressed, but alas it was not. I ignored this and can say that I enjoyed the rest of the episode. I thought the chemistry between Razer and Aya is continuing to become prominent. I did like how she was the first to notice his presence.

I was hoping that Saint Walker would become a main character at some point, as I feel he is one of the more interesting supporting characters of the series. Regardless, his role in this episode managed to compensate for the most part of my disappointment. I liked the interoggation with the Manhunter and the fallout between Aya and the Manhunter, as well as her comparisons to it. I felt that it stating she was one of them and her denying to be after stating she and the robot were the same was a nice touch.

Razer coming to Saint Walker was a nice touch.

Score: 9/10

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