Volkreg is the homeworld of Razer in the Forgotten Zone.

History Edit

Razer and Ilana attempted to settle down but the strife caused by warlords made life on the planet difficult. Razer joined a militiary to earn enough power to protect his family. Atrocitus secretly conquered the warlords and killed Ilana to manipulate Razer into becoming a Red Lantern. While imprisoned in a Spider Guild prison, Razer was forced to relive the moment he discovered Ilana's body. Aya entered Razer's mind and shared in his mourning. After the Red Lantern invasion was prevented, the Interceptor crew was bound for a peace summit on Ysmault. Razer requested a stop at his home planet and it was honored since the crew was running early. Razer visited his former home and discovered life had begun anew. He picked a flower for Aya and was about kiss her but Hal Jordan interrupted and relayed an urgent request to fly to Ysmault as soon as possible.[1]

Some years later, Razer visited his dead world where he discovered that the planet bloomed life anew.[2]

Inhabitants Edit

References Edit

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