The Yellow Mineral known as Aurem is one of the rarest elements in the universe.


The Aurem was discovered by the Spider Guild in Frontier Space. While it was used primarily to power and light their prison, the mineral could also nullify Green Lantern Power Rings and also posed a danger to Aya. A compliment to the surroundings, the minerals seem to exude fear. In higher concentrations, the mineral infects some races in a constant state of fear and paranoia. The mineral naturally grows on a Class G Planet. A race called the Nidara mine it and feed on it with no harmful effects. Another race, the Zoar, refer to the mineral as Aurem and used it for everything from tools to food. The Nidara attempted to help the Zoar and take back the minerals. The Zoar regarded them as enemies and sought to destroy them. Kilowog experienced nightmares revolving around his fear of losing those he loves, again.

During the Aya-Monitor crisis, the Interceptor crew went to the Class G Planet and procured Aurem from the Nidara. They completed a warhead, under the Science director's supervision, intended to temporarily weaken Aya so she could be reasoned with. However, the warhead failed to affect Aya at all.

Appearances Edit

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