Zamaron is the home world of the Zamarons and the Star Sapphires.


After a group of females separates from the Guardians of the Universe, they settle on a planet located in Frontier Space, 18 months away from Oa. They name the planet Zamaron and declare it the homeland of 'love', the emotion they serve with deep loyalty & devotion. There, the form the Star Sapphires corps, also known as the Zamarons and set their goal to bring peace to the universe. The Star Sapphires seem to only physically remain in the sector to which Zamaron belongs but send their power rings to recruit new members who feel an absurd amount of love. Due to centuries of existence and isolation, they forget the true meaning of love and begin to kidnap men, crystallizing them in violet light constructs on Zamaron.

In episode 9 of season 1: In Love and War, Hal Jordan's group is first taken to Zamaron by queen Queen Aga'po & her niece Ghia'ta under the false pretense that they were saved by the Green Lanterns, but Aya eventually uncovers the deception and warns them of the Zamarons' true intensions. With the help of Ghia'ta, who is taught the true meaning of love by Carol Ferris, the Interceptor crew leaves the planet.

In episode 13 of season 1: Homecoming, Hal Jordan and Razer return to Zamaron to ask Queen Aga'po for help, as the red lantern armada advances to Guardian Space. For the sake of preserving love, Aga'po agrees and generated a portal for Hal Jordan to Carol Ferris of Earth. Ghia'ta then opens a portal for Razer to find Aya, his true love, on Oa.

In episode 22 of season 1: Love Is a Battlefield, Zamaron is invaded by Aya and the Manhunters. As a proxy for love in the universe, Zamaron is targeted by Aya for destruction. After witnessing Atrocitus' defeat, Ghia'ta's sacrifice, and the arrival of the Interceptor, Aya holds off and vows to eliminate the universe on one move then leaves Zamaron.


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